Thursday, 17 September 2009

inspired by... birdies

I have been working on the launch of my childrens range for a shamefully long time, all of the designs are done, I just can't seem to get around to photographing it! anyway a design motif I seem to keep coming back to is birds. Ever since I went to San Francisco 4 years ago I have had a mini obsession with quirky bird and birdcages! And they are popping up everywhere in my work from Christmas decs to kids wallpaper.

I LOVE the idea of this cake from martha stewart, I think you could adapt the idea of this into a really cool kids party cake or a stylish wedding cake, its such a simple idea - less is more!

I also really like these bird stamp cards, I have got lots of lovely bird stamps - i wish we could get the martha ones over here in the uk, (again I lament the lack of a store like papersource over here!)
Anyway as this bird obsession shows no sign of abating I was super excited when the new prema arts brochure dropped through my door, and lo and behold a lovely outing opportunity for Jo and I. The fabulous artist Abigail Brown is doing an exhibition at Prema in November.

For those of you who are London based she is also doing a craft fair in Clapham this weekend see her blog for details - its at an intriguing sounding venue called the papered parlour

Anyway for thise of you who aren't Glos or London based here is a taster of Abigails amazing talent.

I love these beauties in the vintage match boxes.

Abigail also makes delightful bird and butterfly brooches, now with a birthday rapidly approaching................ (I wonder if he's reading this!!!!!!)


  1. Love Abigail's work - and the cake is beautiful! You're right about less being more, but as I am no domestic goddess, when it comes to childrens birthday cakes I usually have to resort to plenty of butter icing to hide a multitude of sins!!

  2. I love Abigail Brown's birds! By the way, I found this yesterday: Lots of GORGEOUS stationery! In the UK! :)

  3. Those little birdies are so cute. I have so much fun looking at their photos.