Sunday, 6 September 2009

weekend reading

let me just say that we don't want to tempt you away from us dear readers, however it would be most unfair not to share when we stumble across loveliness.

rust jewelery is made in the uk and has the vintage appeal that i love, there is also a blog (which makes me feel much better about my own junkaholic nature) which has beautiful photography, it has that same beautiful english eccentric feel that I love about lobsterandswan .

then there is frolic, I follow chelsea the writter on twitter, and always click on her links. she is in sweden at the moment but I think is based in Portland, Oregon normally (alot of creative people seem to live in Portland!) anyway it was via one of the frolic links that I found this from a british artist Jill Wignall.

She writes this totally charming blog, I love this idea, I used to make alot of postcards and send them to places when I was at college. I really like the simplicity of Jills drawings and the fact that she mails them all over the world. a thing of beauty!

enjoy the links and your weekend, its our last one before Mr H goes back to school (I should stress I am married to a teacher, not a pupil!!)


  1. I LOVE the rust jewelery blog and their etsy shop! What a fantastic find!

  2. Thanks so much for the link. Can't wait to check out your other finds!

  3. I love the postcards- they put a smile in my heart! Thank you.

  4. The postcards are utterly charming!

  5. I too am married to a teacher....and aren't the school holidays just the best :)
    Found your blog through Rubies nice to have stumbled across your blog Sarah. Anna x