Monday, 31 August 2009

Hands off

it's mine!

Despite a lot of hinting I was convinced hubby would not be giving me anything by Cleo Mussi for my birthday, not least because when I first mentioned it a couple of months ago he dismissed me telling me he didn't like her work. Well, I knew full well that he wouldn't be buying me something he didn't like.

But he double bluffed me and little did I know he was in cahoots with her all along and that he had commissioned one of her signature hands for me (he asked for J's and a heart!). The children looked on startled as I opened my present and cried with pleasure.


  1. It is sooo lovely, what a great present and thoughtful husband. Love that you cried.

  2. Very pretty! I love the colors. Happy birthday!

  3. lucky you! so lovely to be surprised with something you so dearly wanted.

    it's beautiful.

  4. What a wonderfull gift! Great, fun, and unique.