Sunday, 23 August 2009

upcoming excitements

The summer holiday has got to me and keeping the children happy and entertained whilst dealing with decorators in our tiny house and taking the car in and out of the garage has sapped me of any creativity or productivity -hence my recent lack of posts. However things are on the up. I can feel routine is around the corner and my brain is beginning to twitch with ideas again. Not least because I keep picking up brochures relating to upcoming events.

Mum lives in Bradford on Avon, a town not too dissimilar to Stroud with a history of woollen mills and textiles and a large number of arty people living in the town (in fact new magazine sew hip has offices there). Anyway during a recent visit I picked up a leaflet for the Bradford on Avon Arts Festival 2009 which has loads of exciting things including an exhibition called In the Mind's Eye, where mum's neighbours Alan Peacock (see above) and Cirel Greenwood will be displaying some of their work, another exhibition of paintings by the internationally renowned artist Ray Ching, called Aesops' Kiwi Fables, there's another opportunity to see some kimonos and a tea cosy making competition.

I've also been into Cirencester, picked up the latest brochure for the New Brewery Arts Centre which has loads of great things on for the Autumn, including and exhibition of work by Cleo Mussi (I love her stuff and am busy hinting at hubby since I have an upcoming birthday!)

I've also had a great weekend sitting in the garden reading some back issues of Selvedge that I have been given. There is SO much inspiration in these magazines. For a while I thought they seemed rather expensive, but I get so much out of them, every page fascinates me, the photography is fantastic and the way the magazine is put together is very satisfying and I've decided that it is well worth the money. I'm trying to persuade hubby for a subscription to Selvedge as well.....

Sorry for all the hyperlinks, and this is just the beginning of what is whirring around inside my brain at the moment.


  1. Excitement indeed!... RAY CHING! I leapt up off my chair when I read this one..... It's now on the calendar.

  2. Ah..
    Cleo Mussi.. I am a great fan.. so much so that I commissioned one of
    her pieces for my beloved's Christmas present.. little did I know he
    had done the same for me. Can you imagine our surprise when we opened our personalised mosaic bees together! I hope your wish list comes
    Michele x