Monday, 10 August 2009

little pocket mermaid

I just wanted to share with you these photos of a mermaid I made for my mother in law as a thank you for letting us use her house in Cornwall. The pattern came from one of my favourite making books Embroidered Treasures by Claire Garland. I've made a couple of other projects (and I know that Sarah has too) and so far I have been successful in my creations, which is a sign of a good book!
The book does recommend thread colours etc, but I rather disregarded that in favour of what was already in my sewing basket. As a result this mermaid does look rather like she could do with her highlights being re-done.


  1. It was a nice suprise to see you featured in this month's country living..well done, great fabric.

  2. I have this book and have never managed to make anything from it. After seeing your wonderful mermaid I'm quite tempted to dig it out.
    Plus well done for the mention in Country Living.

  3. I love your mermaid, and as I live by the sea I am always collecting treasures for collages and mosaics etc. Unfortunately a mermaid has not yet appeared but now I am inspired to make one