Saturday, 29 August 2009


I have been blessed this week, by a lady named Jenny. I put a 'wanted' on freecycle for a manual typewriter, and 2 days later Mr H returned home somewhat horror struck staggering under the weight of this beauty!

When I put the ad on I never expected vintage gorgeousness, anyway Jo and I are thrilled with our new crafting toy, Mr H and Mr P think it should have got to the tip, and cannot understand the excitement!

Anyway with typewriters in mind here is a nice print form the lovely site paper and stitch.

and a free download from the beautiful stationary website papermash (might have to staple Jo's purse shut when she sees the tape on their website!)


  1. Cor Sarah, you lucky thing! I was eyeing up a very pretty pink typewriter on etsy, I just love them. There's something so satisfying about the sound the keys make - like using a proper camera as opposed to a digital one. Enjoy your new acquisition! Mr H obviously doesn't know a prize when he sees one!

  2. so cool! I love old typewriters!!
    Also-- I nominated you for a Meme award...check out my site to see if you want to claim it...;)
    best, Rochelle

    oh - and lets talk seed swaps soon...the get growing contest was delayed to this weekend...due to the passing our senator and the hurricane that passed through at the same time....made for a very wet market!

  3. love it so much and have been wanting one myself for quite a while.. such a great find!

  4. What a great find! I Freecycle but my few "wanted" ads (for old Martha Stewart Kids) went unresponded. Perhaps I should try for a typewriter too as I've been wanting to write a good old fashioned typewritten letter. I can't believe I'm old enough that I actually learned to type on a typewriter! Anyway, I'm glad I rediscovered your blog via Decor8. I always enjoy reading about moms in other parts of the world.