Thursday, 27 August 2009

guest posting

Never in my wildest dreams when we started this blog did I imagine that Jo and I would end up chit chatting to so many people all over the world, its armchair travel at its best!!
Anyway a month or so ago Holly Becker the esteemed writer of decor8blog asked me, along with lots of very talented people (I do feel v. privileged to have been included, so thank you Holly. - but Jo's house is much nicer than mine and I will shortly be asking her to do the same post but of her space!!)
I was going to post some shots of my studio, but decided not to as those photos have been published here before, so the ones I chose are more personal corners of our home.
Anyway you can see my post here, and for those of you have haven't visited decor8 do head over and have a read, holly is the queen of blogland and attracts thousands of readers a day, a stylish lady if ever there was one.

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