Friday, 28 August 2009

so inspired

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the school holidays and the joy of spending time with the children and MR H (who is a teacher so is around all summer which is lovely), but and its big but! I just don't have time to get anything done and something has to give, so I have been sadly neglectful of my favourite reads .....sam from sams notebook has been away on a julie arkell course and to paris so no guilt there, have a look at her fabulous photos here.

Lobster and swan is one of my most favourite reads, I think its on a par with a paper copy of selvedge magazine, but i do like to plonk myself down with a cup of tea and read in peace without having to break up a fight over lego, or go and find the dog who has escaped through an open front door. I haven't had the pleasure since school finished!

Anyway this morning I woke up at quarter to five, I am having a stressy work time so struggling with sleep, and I thought I can't go in the studio as babes will wake, so I came down in the dark made a big mug of tea and had an hour and half of inspirational joy. THANK YOU JESKA!

I don't know what Jeska does to earn her crust but I really hope that it is something in design.

Finally I paid a long overdue visit to the lovely emma bond, garden designer and writer and photographer extraordinaire!

Emma is doing some wonderful things with polaroid and film, they really are beautiful - go and take a look.
Anyway sorry lovelies for the summer neglect, the leaves will soon be falling and I will be back to reading on a (guilty) daily basis......................


  1. those really are beautiful, thanks for sharing. Lizzie x

  2. Lovely inspiration. My hubby is a teacher too and while it has been absolutely wonderful having him at home for six weeks, especially as I'm not working at the moment, and I shall miss him terribly on Tuesday, it will perhaps be good to get back to routine next week. Need to do more blog reading and more house work. In that order!