Monday, 3 August 2009

lavender's blue

Polly and Jesus decided to complement their seville orange theme with a more English country cottage lavender, pulling the two colours together with green to create an informal setting for their wedding. Trestle tables were arranged in a continuous snake around a courtyard that glimmered in candlelight as guests ate a fantastic salad of figs and serrano ham, followed by Iberian pork stew and then a huge selection of naughty puddings (Jeannie is a cordon bleu trained cook and the food was amazing)

Bridesmaids wore blue and white flowers in their hair with simple white cotton dresses and plimsolls. Page Boys wore sage green shorts, white polo shirts and the same white plimsolls as the girls. Seven of them aged between 18 mths and 6 trundled along behind the bride carrying a rope covered in more flowers.

As Polly arrived at her wedding the sun was setting a fiery orange behind these hills, then later on guests were able to gaze at the shooting stars! Auspicious perhaps?

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