Sunday, 9 August 2009

beach towel

A great beach towel idea for the kids, from Martha Stewart. Good for keeping chldren entertained on the beach.
I think it would eb nice made with a contrasting colour tape for the noughts and crosses board rather than white. Cut 4 pieces of herringbone tape (or you could probably use ribbon but its not as hard wearing) pin them on to the towel and stitch along all of the edges - I would probably do one at a time rather than trying to sew the whole thing in one go. Use shells or pebbles or driftwood for the counters.
you never know - if you take one of these to the beach with the children you might even get to sit down and read more than 3 words of a book!!!!


  1. Have just started with this blogging thing and already I am overwhelmed! How cool is the towel thing! I am thinking of getting the kids to make their own!

  2. Oh I am going to make one of these for sure. Thanks for sharing Sarah x