Wednesday, 9 September 2009


I never knowingly miss a bit of a forage - its the northern in me, I love something if its free! Anyway I keep driving past this tree which borders a rather smart private golf course, when I say borders it is actually within the borders (technically!) anyway it was heaving with ripening plums 2 weeks ago. every fews days I have been past and noticed the plums just falling on the ground. well I could bear it no longer I hitched up my frock and legged it over the wall and picked up over a kilo of windfalls, they are tiny, super sweet and slightly almondy.well I made some jam (just boil equal quantities of fruit and suger for about 5mins and push through a seive and put into sterilized jars) and I also made the most gorgeous plum tart - a mixed bag of a recipe taken from Nigella and the lovely valentine warner.
I am rubbish at pastry so I always do Nigellas shortbread for any kind of sweet tart and just squish it into the tin in a haphazard manner making sure all areas are covered.
100g plainflour
100g soft butter
50g cornflour
50g icing sugar
blitz all in a food processor till it makes a dough, push it into a 25(ish) cm flan tin (I favour the john lewis silver anodised ones) it really doesn't matter if it is just on the base or up the sides either will do. put a piece of greaseproof on top and cover with baking beans, blind bake 150 degrees for about 15mins (everybody's cooker is different so till it is slightly golden).
for the filling
175g soft butter
175g caster sugar
175g ground almonds
65g plain flour
1/2 teasp baking powder
2 eggs
a few drops either almond or vanilla extract (will still be delicious without)
5 generous tablespoons jam (pref plum but any will do)
little plums or halves without the stones
handful flaked almonds
cream butter and sugar till fluffy, add the eggs, add the almonds,flour and baking powder and the drops of extract.
generously spread jam over the cooked base, spoon in the almond mix and spread roughly over the base. squidge plums in at regular intervals sprinkle on flaked almonds and bake at 180 for about 30-45mins till golden and no longer wobbly in the middle (if it looks a little bit underdone in hte middle it will probably be ok - best to take it out, i overcooked mine and it was a bit dry and crumbly around the edges).
It absolutely MUST be served with ultra fattening thick cream!! (preferably from Woefuldane dairy in minch if you are a local reader)
note: I had eaten so much roast dinner on sunday that I failed to give this the proper enjoyment it deserved, Mr H had thirds though!!


  1. Looks lush Sarah! No time to make it though - can you send me a slice?!

  2. OOOOhhh I also could not resist picking the blackberries from an east sussex lane and have made scrumptious jam with my 8 year old x i need to make a pie like yours x