Thursday, 10 September 2009

what a load of nonsense

My brother has a thing about coincidences, he's sure there is potential for a great book full of weird and wonderful examples. As supportive sisters we're always teasing him about the idea, BUT it does sometimes seems as though someone out there is trying to tell you something.

Well, Boy came home from school the other day saying that they had read the Owl and the Pussy Cat so I was telling him about Edward Lear and his Nonsense Rhymes, and we dug out this old, beautifully illustrated version when visiting Mum.

It brought to mind a recent visit to Olivia Dell's shop in Nailsworth where I spied some beautifully embroidered silk cushions designed by Sophie Pattinson. She gets them embroidered by women in Bangladesh as part of a project to support women in remote parts of the country and she has a whole 'Lear' range.

Oh, and then I saw a little 'blurb' on Sophie Pattinson in May/June 09 issue of Selvedge.

Now, is that a coincidence?


  1. I was stood stroking Oya Scarves in that very shop about a month ago. What a lovely lady she is, she gave a wonderful verbal history of them. Edward Lear was a wonderful illustrator too, his bird paintings are fantastic.

  2. I am a firm believer in coincidence.. serendipity, it what you will. The love of my life came back after 25 years.. how about that for coincidence!
    I must go see this shop you speak of...

    Michele x