Thursday, 5 November 2009

any old rags?

Just a reminder to anyone that's around that the Autumn Rag Fair is this Saturday in Bisley. I went a couple of years ago (heavily pregnant, I had to use my bump to fight the hoards) and picked up a lovely bag of scraps from Polly Lyster. She is known for her use of natural dyes but also uses vintage fabrics and when I got home and ferreted properly through my bag I found some lovely old tickings, ancient toile de jouy and a piece of fabric that Sarah admired so much it's pinned on her notice board as inspiration for a design she hopes to do.

I came across the bag the other day whilst I having a sort through my fabrics, looking for something completely different and I decided to make these cheeky, clove scented, robins using some antique french linen and some of my Polly Lyster scraps.

If you get to the fair - Happy Searching


  1. I remember bumping into you at the handmade fair back in the spring out side washerwoman's stall. Will you attending this year? If so i will see you there.

  2. We are deffinatley going to the handmade fair, we've been eagerly anticpating it since the last one!

    See you there