Monday, 9 November 2009

lovely cushions

Too many other things were happening this weekend so I didn't make it to the Rag Fair, and thus don't know if Polly Lyster was actually there this year. However having mentioned her in my previous post I remembered that I had also bought a number of tiny, lavender filled, cushions from her at a textile fair at the American Museum in Bath a couple of years ago.

Hubby can't see the point in endless cushions, especially ones this size but I wanted to share them with you as the fabric/colours are so pretty. It also prompted me to try and find out a bit more about Polly and in the process I came across a blog called the warp and the weft . For those with keen interest in textiles and/or all things French it looks really interesting and I can't wait to have a really good scroll through it.

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  1. Polly and her daughter were next to me at the Talent for Textiles Fair last week. She has gorgeous fabrics and I hesitated about buying a cushion which I now regret as it sold just as I had decided to buy it :-( I won't hesitate next time!