Sunday, 15 November 2009

gardening tip

You wont find many gardening tips from me. Whilst I love the idea of the garden looking lovely and the veg patch bulging with produce I don't have green fingers.

Today there was a break in the rain and I decided that I really ought to get some bulbs planted. However, I have been so disorganised that I only had a bag of 12 daffs and the bulbs from last years pots (I have know idea how many of them will actually re-flower). So with hubby busy working on someone else's garden I headed off to the garden centre with 3 children in tow.

The children were thrilled because all the Christmas paraphernalia is up. There were Santa's and flashing lights, reindeer and singing snowmen, angels and gingerbread men....

BUT - my handy tip for those of you who have still some pots to fill - all the bulbs and seasonal flowers were half price or less. I came a way with Viola's already in terracotta pots for £1, a huge bag of mixed daffodil bulbs for £2 and snowdrops for £1. I've never had such a cheap visit to the garden centre and I've filled more pots than I had intended too.

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