Monday, 23 November 2009


hello everybody, I know its been a while, more about that later in the week, along with the photos of vintage handmade, but for know I will give you a bit of blog love!! Jo and I have been trying somewhat unsuccessfully to teach ourselves to crochet for quite some time. Anyway I happened across a new (to me) blog after meeting a lovely lady who came to see some fabrics.
Anyway she told me about attic 24 and suggested I take a look.

well I am so glad a I did as it was just the ticket for a gloomy winter day, and the lovely lucy inspired my to dig out the hook and have another go.
lucy has some really straightforward patterns to follow, and even a complete crochet numpty like me managed a granny square (which has been a goal for ages!!)
the only thing is, my attempts above are a bit let down by the old bits of wool which I had lurking, I feel a debbie bliss splurge coming on, so watch this space I might show you a lovely blanket (in 10 years)!!
stop by later this week for lots of lovely vintage handmade pictures.


  1. Well done you! I went to Bristol Folk House to learn to crochet last weekend..... finally managed to do it after many attempts at teaching myself.

  2. I have just come across your blog and I really love it! x

  3. well thank you both, i am going to look up bristol folk house as we are close by, and thank you pipany, glad you like....

  4. Hi Sarah - I ADORE your blog! This has inspired me to get my crochet hook out and make matching throws for my daughters' beds! Debbie Bliss splurge indeed!! Thanks so much for the inspiration and congrats on mastering that granny square - they look sensational :)