Monday, 23 November 2009

the great party bag debate

It's a busy time for Sarah and me as our first borns reach their 6th birthday this weekend. Normally I relish the opportunity to go mad and organise a birthday party but this year the idea of a number of over excited boys exerting their energy in our house, fuelled by sugar, filled me with dread and we negotiated a birthday treat instead.

This involved a trip to the cinema with 4 friends followed by a Happy Meal. It was easy and Macdonalds were even doing Fantastic Mr Fox meals to tie in with the film we had chosen to watch. I even thought I would get away without having to do the dreaded party bags.... until I was told otherwise.

But then I found I was actually slightly relieved. While I loathe the plastic bags sent home with squished cake in grubby napkin and bits of pointless plastic which end up in the baby's mouth I realised that I do like the opportunity to be creative. So I dashed off, bought a few sweets, and made these little, pink, (but I had no complaints from the boys) bags. I also found these fab cup cakes in Waitrose which they devoured in Maccy D's post Happy Meal, meaning the whole event came to a sticky end. But not in my house.

But, is a pretty bag of sweets really any better than a bag of plastic tat?


  1. I know just what you mean about the party bags - went through all that with my teenagers when they were little, now will be going through that again in a couple of years time with my little one who is 3. I like your striped bag. Looks so much more original and thoughtful than your average plastic ones.

  2. It's always a relief to get away with a film & Mc.D's or bowling & Burger King when they are a bit older!


  3. When my eldest was about 7 or 8 she went to a friend's party and instead of party bags they sent each child home with their very own large bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk or Galaxy the 4" x 6"ish size - the kids leaving that party thought all their birthdays and christmases had come at once - no-one had ever given them that size of bar all to themself - no mess, no plastic tat and relatively inexpensive - I did it for every party with my three thereafter and their friends never tired of it