Sunday, 8 November 2009

smashing pumpkins

ok, so I have squash envy when i see this picture posted on I try each year to grow an abundance of winter sqaush, beacuse we love them! but every year i forget to water them enough and every year i get one solitary fist size specimen!!
I never understand how people get those super smashing pumpkins (actually I do and next year perhaps I'll be less lazy and do more watering at the bottom of the garden, instead of sitting on the terrace at the top of it tucking into olives and a large glass of chilled wine......

Anyway i am posting you a squash recipe made with some yummy sqaushes from the farmers market and loosely based on one from this fabulous food book by sarah raven - one of my most used cookbooks. The Sarah Raven recipe is vegetarian and uses creme fraiche but i only had cream so i used that, and we like a bit of spice so i added a pinch of chilli flakes.

take 1 large butternut squash (for 2 people - or use a whole small one per person) and cut in half scooping out the seeds. (if you are using little cricket ball size ones then just cut off the lid and scoop ouot the seeds). drizzle with olive oil, season with salt and pepper and cumin and roast covered with foil for about 40mins - 1hour till soft and tender, about 10 mins before the sqaush is done take off the foil and put 3 or 4 rashers of streaky bacon in the tin with them, cook till fairly crisp.
scoop out the flesh out of the sqaushes leaving a shell, mash the flesh with a fork adding a good slurp of double cream (about 3tblsp) add 3 tbls grated parmesan and crumble in the bacon, season with a pinch of chilli flakes and some fresh tyme leaves. I also added dollop of elderly garlic and herb cheese (because i was going to throw it out if i didn't use it!!) and I think this was a good addition. spoon the mix back into the shells and bake at 180 for about 15mins. You ABSOLUTELY MUST allow it to cool for 5-10mins before tucking in or you will take off the roof of your mouth and not enjoy its deliciousness!!

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  1. Butternut is my favourite squash - we always grow them & also gem squash & a few pumpkins.
    I like the display in the crates - very autumnal.