Sunday, 1 November 2009

pumpkims galore

I can't believe it's the 1st November already, where has this year gone?

We spent the day yesterday carving the pumpkins that have been sitting pretty, adding a burst of Autumn colour in our porch to make halloween pumpkins to scare of the ghouls. I have to say I found it rather hard work. Our pumpkins were grown by Nona (hubby's mother) and were small and fleshy! I think the super markets sell large pumpkins with little flesh which are much easier to scrape out. I soon found myself alone at the kitchen table, surrounded by pumpkin seeds and not much else. In the end my great intentions of making a pumpkin pie were dismissed and I decided to call back the troops to help design and carve out the faces.
We ended up with rather a motley crew, but our little girl was thrilled to come 2nd in a Pumpkin competition with her entry (the one on the right)


  1. Love your hedgerow flowers too.

  2. There are so many beautiful colours this year that I couldn't resist a halloween arrangement, including rosemary and dried fennel to add to witches potions!

  3. i can't believe time goes by so fast neither...