Monday, 29 June 2009

aprons of the vintage world unite

We're sailing pretty close to the wind with this post as it's now the end of June and apron month is coming to a close. Promised a month, ago here are the photos of fellow bloggers in their pinnies at the Vintage Fair. We were thrilled to see that our theory that pinnies and aprons are still very much in use was clearly evident, and I don't think we were the only one's who enjoyed putting faces to names and blogs, and really meeting people we had met in cyber space.

Above in a great, retro pinny is Liz the washer woman, who had a great collection of vintage clothes for sale and we met amid cries of 'oh, you're the washer woman'.

This is Hen of HenHouse who had a lovely collection of things for sale on her stall including a wonderful vintage eiderdown which I fell in love with. I'll be returning to her at the next fair as I've decided that the girls are going to get eiderdowns as Christmas presents (Baby will be in a bed by then, I can't believe it, but it presents a case for redecorating the girl's room). Her blog is fantastic and she obviously has the same calling to Cath Kidston that I do!

I loved this 'apron' worn by Christine Nullmeyer of the seagarden in Cornwall. In fact it's an old curtain tied around her waist. I absolutely adore the vintage rose fabric, and the way it goes with her handmade bag. Funnily enough I was reading through some ancient copies of Country Living recently and came across an article about Christine in the April 2002 edition, I felt rather chuffed to have met her in person! And I bought a fab jar of fabric bits and old buttons from her. See this post

You must visit the magical website of Claire (above) made in pixieland and her blog, elfie and me loved by my children as we're a family of Magic Faraway Tree fans and her world of pixies and fairies are just like the creatures you'd expect to meet in The Enchanted Wood. Her stall was covered in her cards and illustrations of life in pixiesland.

And last, but not least, this is Viv of Hensteeth, who I met last year (on a course on making papier mache dolls run by Julie Arkell). I was drawn to her beautiful purses so didn't realise it was her stall I was admiring at first. I love the way she mixes embroidery, interesting fabrics and old photographs.

I hope you enjoy looking at these blogs, all are inspirational and as I said it's nice to put a face (and a pinny) to blog. And if you're interested in visiting the next Vintage Fair it's at Chipping Sodbury Townhall on Sunday 14 November.

(photos by Sarah, text by Jo)


  1. Great post! I think we should make pinnies obligatory wear for the next fair!


  2. A lovely collection of pinnied ladies...
    I am so miffed that I didn't wear my pinny.. I completely forgot to put it on .. during all the madness of the day..

    Next time!!

    Michele x

  3. Just caught up with blogs! Thanks for the mention...Lizzie xxx

  4. Ah - so you were the ladies with the pinny camera! Just recovering from the shock of what a pillock I look in that picture. I hope i didn't scare off anyone off! Nice to meet you at vintage and Handmade by the way.

    Claire xxx