Thursday, 18 June 2009

eat your greens

we seem to have alot of greenery that we can't keep up with at the moment, so one of my favourite things to do with it is to turn it in to 'spanokopita' - i am sure I have spelled that completely wrong! anyway its a Greek greens and cheese pie. And I make a inauthentic version like this. chop an onion and fry in olive oil with garlic, thyme and a pinch of chilli flakes, salt and pepper. add a huge pile of mixed greenery - i use spinach, kale, beetroot tops, chard,wild garlic. wilt down and then drain and chop. mix in crumbled feta (i use a whole pack if i am baking it in a brownie tin (approx 12" x 7") I sometimes add a beaten egg or some cream cheese - it depends what is lurking in the fridge!! add a big handful of chopped mint and dill if you have it and mix it all together. liberally butter a tin and line with a couple of layers of filo pastry - not too many or it will be wodgy (thats my mums word!) butter each layer of pastry where it overlaps and this will keep it nice and crisp. spread your cheese and green mix into the tin cover with a sheet of buttered filo and flop the overhanging pastry over - buttering as you go (a pastry brush and some melted butter is easiest). bake at about 180 for 20-30mins and serve warm but not hot. YUM!!
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