Sunday, 7 June 2009

pretty in pink

A couple of weeks ago I had the most disastrous morning of stitch and bitch, I don't know if the coffee was too strong, but I spent half a morning sewing very badly and the other half of the morning unpicking all my work. The aim of the morning had been to make a make up bag as a birthday gift for my god daughter. I had already bought this tasteless dressing-up beauticians outfit and decided to add some make up and bits to make a deliciously pink and naughty present (my little girl has been in tears over this present - it's just not fair that I'm giving it to someone else).

Eventually I plucked up the courage to start again and now it is ready to be posted to a little girl who will hopefully love it as much as my little girl does.

And while on the topic of beauticians and given that it is apron month I thought I'd show you this website I came across, Jesse Steele Salon, that provides aprons with a twist (trade only). They describe them as 'retro-chic, vintage-inspired', I loved their quirkiness and the pictures made me smile.