Wednesday, 17 June 2009


With the change in weather I've had a chance to sit down and think about the questions we were tagged with by Lobster & Swan.

By gum , it's difficult when you're put on the spot!

Q whats your favourite colour?
A I Love Pink - although I hardly ever dress my girls in it!

Q whats your favourite clothing in your wardrobe?
A pyjamas

Q whats your dream job?
A Something that would justify my having my own spacious, light and airy, well organised and well stocked studio

Q whats the last thing you bought?
A Some really stinky cheeses and a white fig confit from Paxton and Whitfield to take to supper last night

Q what are you listening to right now?
A We're scrolling through the ipod to find something I can admit to, with no luck

Q whats your favourite ice cream?
A a good chocolate icecream

Q whats your favourite fruit?
A I don't know, anything

Q what inspires you?
A Studio Seven

Q who is your favourite designer?
A Given the amount of stuff I own by her it must be Cath Kidston

Q do you admire anyones style?
A I love Tricia Guild's bold and colourful style, but I'm not brave enough to adorn my house with it

Q describe your personal style?
A Light, natural, neutral, attention to detail, well tailored, classic with a twist - or at least that's what I'd like to be

Q whats on the walls of your bedroom?
A Pictures of the children, hooks with loads of bags and quite a few cobwebs

Q what language would you like to learn?
A Spanish (in the next 3 weeks) and french so I can communicate with my siblings's partners's families (are you with me?)

Q what are you wearing today
A denim short collutes, flip flops and a slouchy grey Jack Wills v-neck jumper

Q whats for dinner?
A leftover mash, baked beans and sausages - the kids have had friends to play

Q what would you eat for your last meal?
A a greek salad, whitebait, chips and an ice cold amstel - with my family in a Greek taverna by the sea

Q what do you think of the person who tagged you?
A Hmm, as well as being a fab designer she's a great cook/hostess, a good friend and a fantastic influence on me (that's Sarah by the way)

Q if you could have a house paid for and furnished anywhere in the world what/where would it be?
A Brittany. A decent sized, but not too large, whitewashed, airy, antique french style, rustic farmhouse. Nice garden with home grown veg, on the edge of a village so I could cycle to the boulangerie for my croissant, near to the beach, but easy access to Paris and the Eurostar.

Q what is your favourite magazine?
A I love it when my subscription to Country Living drops through the letterbox, but when I'm given a good copy of Selvedge I'm in seventh heaven

Q if you had £100 what would you spend it on?
A I'd go to hobby craft

Q What is your current obsession?
A the blog

Q if you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour where would it be?
A Paper Source in America - I've never been but how I dream.....and then if I had a spare 5 mins (though I doubt I would) I'd pop into Anthropologie. Have been there before and lurved it

Q what are you going to do after this?
A bed, with a hot milk and my Country Living

Q what are your favourite movies?
A casablanca

Q what is your favourite quote (for now)
A 'Play it again Sam'

Q whats your favourite book?
A The Secret Garden, I love MM Kaye's biographies of her life as a child in British India and Salmon Rushdie's Midnight's Children

Q do you collect something?
A I'm quite good at throwing away clutter due to size of our house so I don't really think I collect anything, apart from magazine clippings. But I'm beginning learn from Sarah - hence Mr P's exasparation! (ref Sarah's answer to the same question)

Q whats the most important rule for life?
A Be happy with what you are doing


  1. fab!! i love this tagging thing!!

  2. Loved reading these : )

    such lovely images threaded throughout too. Have a great week.