Friday, 5 June 2009

small magazine

I love it when small magazine plops in to my googlemail inbox. its like an online kiddy version of selvedge - another favourite publication. Anyway when it arrived through the ether last week I thought there was much inside it to share.
I particularly liked this from the red thread. A sydney based company owned by artist and blogger Lisa Tilse.
- especially as after our trip last week to the vintage handmade fair Jo and I have fabric bits and bobs coming out of our ears (and we are determined to have our friend the lovely Kath making things by the end of the summer with needle and thread!!!)

you can subscribe (free) on line to small magazine here, I recommend it, its quite international in its style, and very lovely. Happy weekend everyone there will be more from small magazine and others over the weekend.

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  1. Oh bless you!... you've made my day, after another sleep-deprived night - courtesy of the smallest one's nocturnal wanderings! (*groan*) Kath x