Wednesday, 3 June 2009

perfect pinny

I'm so chuffed with myself. Not only have I managed to make an apron before the end of the week (and wrap and post it), but it was so easy that I decided to make a corsage as well. The idea being that while you are doing the preparation for a dinner party you can use the basic pinny and then when the guests arrive you can jazz it up with the corsage (ok white is not the most pratical colour for this, but then if you spill a big splodge of tomato sauce you can cover it with the flower and no one will any the wiser).

I have to thank Amy Karol's book bend-the-rules sewing for the pattern (if you can call it that). It is her Amazing Tea Towel Apron. If you haven't got the book it is worth buying, I've made a couple of other things including a tea cosy, and this and this smock. The photos are bright and fun, the designs are fab but, as the name suggests, they are not labour intensive and you get quick results. This apron must have taken 5 minutes (I didn't use a tea towel but I did ignore the option to add darts). Now there is no excuse for you not to make your own.


  1. please can you teach me how to do hte flower on friday?!

  2. Love it Jo! So dainty and ladylike! Just the thing to waft around the house doing a bit of light dusting in! In fact - forget that - it's too nice to spoil!! Can't remember the last time any dusting happened in this house anyway!! Kath x.