Saturday, 9 May 2009

back to back

There is so much going on here at the moment because of the Textile Festival. Sarah has already mentioned our visit to Cut 2 on Fold a collaboration by Studio Seven, absolutely brilliant and a MUST for anyone in Stroud this May. We both plan to go back, take photos and rave about it here at a later date

But this morning I took the children to see what was going on at Back to Back. It is part of an International challenge in which teams compete to see who can produce a knitted jumper in the quickest time - from sheep's back to man's back.

There was a shepherd shearing the sheep and spinners and knitters working away like mad. I'm not a knitter myself but it was very interesting to see the process from start to finish, they were aiming to do it in around eight hours. Last year's winners were a team from Toronto and they achieved it in 5 hrs 55 mins!

From sheep to cows - after an interlude at a birthday party and with the children fuelled with cupcakes and squash we set off for Amberley and the cowhunt. Sarah's vintage tea stand was idyllic, the weather was on their side and children played merrily in the lumps and tumps of the common whilst parents supped blissfully on Earl Grey served in a mish mash of teapots and vintage teacups with delicious homemade cakes. But I'm sure Sarah will tell you all about it.....

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