Tuesday, 5 May 2009

the waiting room

What I enjoy about waiting rooms is the exposure to loads of magazines I wouldn't normally read. Last night hubby treated me to a massage at a local spa (recouperation for organising the hen do), whilst waiting for my treatment I browsed through some mags, with note book to hand and came away with a list of websites to look at and products I had fallen in love with.

I have been coveting a Lucinda Chamber's Jubilee cushion (£240) available at the Rug Company for a long time. Not surprisingly hubby was pleased when I announced that I had found a new cushion to long for. When I told him it was this Paul Smith Painters Smock cushion, also available at the Rug Company but for £480 he wasn't quite so chuffed!

However the best discovery was Shauna Richardson whose Running Hare is pictured above. She crochets these life size animal sculptures and sells them on her website brilliantly named crochetdermy. Since I still am trying to master the basic crochet stitches I'm full of admiration of anyone who can create more than a wonky scarf.

Now if someone can explain why I'm happy to read shared magazines in a germ infested doctor's surgery, but can't go into a charity shop I'd be grateful!


  1. Me likey both the cushion and the hare very much! loving the crochet taxidermy.. that is sheer brilliance! not sure what the explanation is for you and charity shops.... have you tried maybe breaking yourself in gently with a car boot sale first? its outside so less germy.. wear a mask?

  2. I am with emma on the mask thing for you, I think I will make you a custom version, also start off with cotwold care in minch as there are no nasty niffs, don't head straight for the emmaus as you will have to be stretchered out.

  3. I love the crochetdermy stuff so much I've got a hare's head mounted like a hunting trophy ( and it's all animal friendly taxidermy