Saturday, 2 May 2009

made by bob

After the excitement of discovering Sue Parkinsons shop in the new Corn Hall building, I then got even more over excited by lunch at made by bob. I had read the fab review in Cotswold life magazine (there is a little tiny feature on me in there this month too!) Anyway it turns out that the lovely Bob is Sue Parkinsons son. Mum and Dad very kindly said they would treat me to lunch out and did I fancy trying Bobs? Did i hesitate? Of course not!

Made by Bob was FANTASTIC, everything about it was fantastic. As anyone who knows me personally will testify I am an 'its all in the details' person (sadly I am never able to apply this to my own home) anyway Bobs ticked all the boxes for me on detail. You can pop in for coffee and muffins, pastries etc from first thing, lunch starts at 12, and then they do afternoon tea as well. (I will have to return for afternoon tea as there was something chocolatey in the oven while we were eating lunch, the smell was making me drool! but I was too full for pudding). The place has a really buzzy and friendly vibe, there was a really nice mix of people and the staff weren't at all sniffy about an excited 2 year old dressed as Sportacus from lazytown!! There is also a deli stacked with fabulous fresh produce, and I spied a variety of salami which i always buy in Italy. They also had their own home made version of the ready meal, in generous jars of pasta sauce (I bought mum aubergine, tomato, olive and ricotta), pots of fresh pesto, big pots of fish soup (which came with a little pot of gruyere and rouille). You could easily buy the bits and pieces for a lovely mediteranean dinner party here.

Anyway onto lunch, we kicked off with a plate of bread, olives and salsa verde. The bread was potato bread and oh wow it was good, so good in fact that we had to ask for more!!! Then Dad had a plate of charcuterie, which was very very good - so often you just get a bit of salalmi and proscuito but this had lots of variety and generously covered the plate, also had olives and pickled chillies and large caper berries, My 2 said yuk to the lovely broad beans I was trying to shovel in him from my plate and merrily tucked into grampys charcuterie! I had eggy pasta with salsicca, broad beans, peas and mint. It was divine I haven't had such a good bowl of pasta since I last went to Italy. It had a lovely clingy buttery sauce, YUM. Mum had white onion, asparagus and taleggio tart, so delicious was it that she scoffed it nearly all to herself I did get a little taste and it was gorgeous.
If I hadn't scoffed so much bread I might have had room for pudding. But I was defeated so I will have to return at a later date (what a shame!!!!)
I really hope made by bob does brilliantly in Cirencester and we wish him and his family every success, this place is just what Cirencester needs.


  1. I walked through the corn hall last week and agree it looks amazing! I had to get back to the car but would have loved to have stopped here! Perhaps next time - when are you free?!?!

  2. Mmmm - that just looks delicious! Doesn't help that I am starving and should be making dinner right now... you've given me inspiration! :)

  3. ooh this place looks fantastic, will have to give it a visit! god i am so greedy, these pictures made my tummy rumble!

  4. My name is Greg, I used to work for bob... he is a legend and taught me everything i know, which i now role out in southern africa - SA, Zimbabwe and Moz, and hopefully, will allow me to stand on my own two feet in Aussie now for the future. Go Bob, youre back in business baby!