Tuesday, 26 May 2009

a lovely weekend and a lovely husband

I feel I have rather neglected you lovely readers over the bank holiday weekend. I had such a perfect weekend with Mr H being very thoughtful and sweet and sending me off for a mooch around Cirencester (minus all whinging hangers on!) on Saturday (I bought my lovely frou frou tuille skirt - hideously impracticle but gorgeous nonetheless!!) and then on Sunday he looked after the children all afternoon while I messed around listening to radio 4 in my studio putting together some little goodie bags for various blog friends. (i have to admit I did go up there with the intention of doing this weeks sample requests but got distracted.................)


  1. you could never be described as being neglectful with your constant and wonderful posts!! Nice to hear that Mr Indoors was doing his bit! (ps. frou frou skirt sounds rather lovely.. do we get a debut photo?!)

  2. ooh Sarah, i knew you'd be tempted with the skirt, what colour did you go for? You deserve it! xx