Saturday, 2 May 2009

lexi loves

Next was Lexi Loves, a real favourite of mine and Jo's. I won't do a big Post here as I took lots of photos which I am going to post later, however a trip to Cirencester would be incomplete without a stop here. (I know a few of you local readers needed directions, so here goes. At the big crossroads in town where the church and market are, go down the street which has the big and now sadly empty woolworths - accessorize is also on this road. Go past woolies on your left and keep going, you will pass millets on the right keep going and look for lexi's lovely pink storefront on your left just after the bakers). I had a slight disaster in that I wanted to buy something for Jo and my mum and dad had taken the pushchair away with the 2 year old dressed as a rather grubby 'sportacus' so I could chat and take pictures, anyway my handbag was on the back of the pushchair so I couldn't make my purchases GGRRR. Never fear Lexi I will be back for the yoyo next week!

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