Friday, 8 May 2009

a good day, a bad day and a busy weekend

First the good. I was featured with this picture in the English Home magazine on the subs page. The lovely people over at the English Home did a very nice blurb about me and from that several very nice ladies telephoned with enquiries and sample requests. However my happy bubble was popped with the arrival of the mail, and a rejection from the Mary Howard Fair people. They have not selected me for a stand at their lovely christmas extravaganza. (Mr H is secretly relieved as he was worried he was going to be left to procure a goose and deal with the relatives so alls well I suppose.................but I am disappointed.)

Anyway Jo and I had a lovely trip out today to see the cut 2 on the fold exhibition at the space in stroud. It was AMAZING, UNBELIEVABLY AMAZINGLY GOOD!!! so good that i am going back on monday to take some photos so you can see how lovely it was.

The Busy Weekend bit is I have come over all mr Kipling and have spent all evening baking cakes for tomorrows cow trail day in the village (yee ha). I am manning a vintage style tea area. I bought loads of teacups toay which Mr H did his best to smash - fortunately there are some survivors. I am hoping that the sun will shine and everyone will be scoffing gorgeous homemade cakes all afternoon (thank you to all the domestic goddesses ou there who have been baking along with me for this weekend!) the tea table will be groaning with delicious goodies.

While I was on the search for inspiration for the tea area I went back to one of my favourite places snippet and ink and found this lovely mood board, I wonder if our tea area will be so beautiful.............!!

Top row from left: beribboned tree, bouquet from Martha Stewart Weddings, photo by Ericka McConnell, family photo clothesline display by Nicole HillRow 2: ring pillows from Martha Stewart Weddings, dessert table photo by One Love Photo, flowers in tin can vases via Earth Friendly Weddings, vintage stamps from Chelsea Fuss via Once WedRow 3: picnic blankets via Oh Happy Day, picnic meal on Mottahedeh tin plates, sodas from Kate Parker WeddingsRow 4: tart photo by Valls Photographic, flowers via Toast & Tables, photo by Liz Banfield via The Bride's Cafe, bride with roses in her hair via Black Eiffel


  1. Well I just had a look at the Mary Howard website and looked at the websites of quite a few of the exhibitors. And quite frankly I have no idea why they rejected you! But it IS their loss!

    Great news the English Home publicity has started up and is producing results already!

    And can't wait to see pictures of the vintage style tea area!