Tuesday, 19 May 2009

fashion statement

I'm feeling all creative again.

I've had a couple of lethargic days where things just haven't been happening but today I went back to Cut 2 on Fold and all is well again. Not only did I get another chance to look at the exhibit, but also a chance to admire my little girl's own handy work as part of the exhibition (with some help from mummy). Sarah and I took our girl's to a workshop on Saturday morning held in an enviably huge studio. There we were met by our 'models' and given the clothing templates, a pile of fabrics, trimmings, buttons and left to our own devices to create our own fashion statements. I'm not really sure who the morning was for, the mothers or the daughters, but what a blissful way to start the weekend.

I can't wait to get our doll home so that we can make some her some more clothes and I love the idea of creating a huge washing line of pink clothes as an alternative to bunting..... watch this space

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  1. great photo, i think some tiny wire coathangers......... fiday maybe???!!!