Thursday, 28 May 2009

craft and crochet and some new reads

what started me going on my crochet again after giving it up as a lost cause was discovering the lovely blog posy. What a beautiful life! and what a great read she is so funny!
So go over and visit her you will be enchanted. Her lovely photos have made me yearn for the seaside.

this is from rosehip and the pattern is here it looks quite straightforward! - even for me! and her most recent post is about how to do a crochet cushion - ambitious even for me!!

these are both from a fab blog called ohdeedoh which has lots of great kids ideas. It was these pictures that inspired me to have a go at crochet! I think the afghan rug above is originally from yvestown.


  1. Crochet, is one of my, have to learn how to do, upcoming projects.
    "Rosehip" is one of my big favourites in the "crochet world"

  2. I want to make that rug - but I'll have to work on my crochet skills!