Thursday, 21 May 2009

this ones for jeska

This is for the lovely Jeska from lobster and swan who is going on a trip to paris. i knew I had kept a clipping somewhere in one of my sketchbooks of a place I wanted to visit should I ever be strolling the streets of that very romantic city again.

Anyway after much unearthing od bits and bobs I found the sketchbook I had stuck it in!! It is a shop called ultramod - no weblink sorry, but a google search gave me some nice links.

This is from the flickr page of button candy - a flickr page which was so lovely I have saved it in my favourites to go and have a very good look at.

This is from a website called colleens paris which seems packed full of tips for a visit to paris. These are of the interior of ultramod which in case I didn't mention is a tru old fashioned haberdashery store. I don't think Jo and I would be able to contain our excitement if we were let loose in here!! Jeska if you make it to this store send us a postcard, just don't tell us it was too great or we will be heading off for the eurostar!!

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  1. thank you thank you! Lovely links and ideas for places to search out.