Wednesday, 6 May 2009

new designs

I have finally got around to making and photographing some new cushion designs, these are the 'boy' colourways and they are going to be on my website later in the summer, I am also doing some girly pink versions.
I wanted to do some fabrics that would be appealing for parents who wanted something that their kids could grow older with, and also to create some designs for those most difficult of individuals - teenagers!!!!! So I came up with the idea of the star fabric in 3 different scales - seen here as cushions.


  1. Oh i want these for me !! Really love the new design , will be ordering one each of these for jack & harry . Love claire p

  2. sweet.. am still recovering from the crocheted hare...

  3. Absolutely love them. I saw some cushions I was pretty tempted by the other day, simply numbered! Like you have featured letters, there were 9 cushions on the sofa in the pic, numbered 1-9! I would love to show you the pic sometime, I carry it with me! Meg x