Saturday, 2 May 2009

french grey

my final stop of the day was to French Grey to look for some glass door knobs for my newly painted wooden doors. French Grey is one
my favourite shops, I think this is because it has the right 'mix' for me, I love shops which combine fashion, interiors, jewelry, and nice gifts. Done well and with a good eye, this is a great combination, done badly it looks a mess, anyway french grey do it very well indeed. The style reminds me of those effortlessly elegant boutiques you find in Provence, so I always feel a little like I am on holiday when I visit. (In fact I have felt a bit 'on holiday' all day!)

1 comment:

  1. Ah, so nice to see my home town so elegantly represented......and I remember when it was all fields......! Kathx
    P.S. The Corn Hall has certainly come up in the world.... back in my day it was all roller discos, and a v. dodgy nightclub called the Eagle's Nest! A bit of a last chance saloon, when the pubs emptied, as I remember! xx