Saturday, 9 May 2009

yee ha and cake

A good time was had by all in the village of Amberley today. We had our first ever village cow trail, and lots of people turned up, I was manning the teas with the help of my good friends. We wanted to make it look special and went very overboard on the whole jam and jerusalem look with vintage china, jam jars of flowers, tea in teapots and cakes on cakestands.

I know people think I am bonkers (Mr H particularly) for always wanting things to look perfect, but we had so many lovely comments today that I think the extra effort was worth it!!
The table was positively groaning with goodies.

We were rushed off our feet with people from the village and beyond stopping by for a big slice of homemade cake and a pot of tea. We were very glad when a big jug of pimms arrived from the other end of the village (there is a pimms/beer tent at the finish and tea is halfway round) this really aided the washing up.

I have got very achy feet but it was so worth it, the scene outside greyling house with people sipping tea and chatting away while the children raced around the green was absolute village bliss and made me so proud to live here among such great folks!

also my favourite cow happened to be residing right next to the teas - she has a stupendous bosom - worth a look for any vistors tomorrow!!!

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  1. It looked absolutely lovely and was a lovely place to be this weekend. Think you deserve a very large jug of pimms this evening ! x Claire p

  2. What beautiful images! I'm really enjoying seeing photos from your part of the world, especially all the wonderful creativity that abounds. I'm a fellow blogger from Blogging Your Way and just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed browsing your blog. I'll be featuring it on mine and hope you don't mind I will be using one of your images, properly credited, of course, and linked back to your blog. Please let me know if you prefer otherwise. Thank you.